Re-Install PC Equipment

Once your Mover has placed the PC equipment, Compustalls technicians will setup and reconnect everything, working to give the space back to your users in as close a fashion as possible to what they had at the origin, or according to a predetermined "standard" for your entire space, as directed.

First, we will verify each piece of equipment has been delivered to the correct location.

We will compare the equipment delivered to each desk with the inventory we recorded during the disconnect, noting any differences for troubleshooting.

We will lay out your users' PC's, making use of any cable management and routing appliances.  Our goal is to get you up and running but also to present your users with as clean and flexible a workspace as possible.

All equipment will be connected and tested for functionality.  If a user has multiple monitors or multiple CPU's, it will work exactly as it worked at their old location.

Our technicians will complete a checklist for each setup during the reconnect, recording the exact state of your equipment.  This checklist will be used to compile a troubleshooting list which we will hand off to your IT staff upon completion of the reconnect.